• Internal Temperature

    Good 26℃
  • Internal Humidity

    Good 41%
  • Internal Fine Dust

    Moderate 25µg/m³



Quickly and easily use Big-box!


It's a waste to dispose of it, no cleanup, no place to store it ...
The BigBox provides the optimal space for quick and easy storage.
Purchase items separately (box, shelf, hanger, clothes cover, etc.)





  • 01

    Press the release button

  • 02

    Fingerprint recognition

  • 03

    "Cock" Access after the opening sound

Upon departure

  • 01

    Confirm private storage lockout

  • 02

    Open bar next to entrance door Press door open

  • 03

    After 2 seconds, check the lock at the door (click)

  • 04

    Press the guard button

  • 05

    Fingerprint Recognition (Completed)


When you need space? When you need a Big box!