• Internal Temperature

    Good 26℃
  • Internal Humidity

    Good 41%
  • Internal Fine Dust

    Moderate 25µg/m³


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The contents of the warehouse and the boxes and furniture in the warehouse show the actual size.


  • 8.5㎡

    You can accommodate up to 316 volumes of items in the largest common room apartments or boxes in the post office.

  • 4.3㎡

    You can accommodate a maximum of one-room office stellar items or about 152 boxes of post office boxes.

  • 3.2㎡

    You can accommodate up to 113 volumes of the largest single studio penthouse or post office box 5 boxes.

  • 1.8㎡

    You can accommodate up to about 63 bulky items in the smallest room or box in the post office.

  • 1.3㎡

    Maximum post office box No. 5 can accommodate about 47 volumes.

  • 0.9㎡ square cubes

    The height of 115cm cubes can accommodate about 17 boxes of boxes up to five post offices.

When you need space? When you need a Big box!